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Central Business District


Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) also known as Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab) is an authorized body incorporated to establish and promote environment friendly urban regeneration projects on vertical principles. A pre-financial feasibility has been determined for around PKR 2700B-3000B based on development as economic advancement and shall generate employment in various sectors. Development shall also enhance vertical activity in surroundings especially within the surrounding Gulberg area with a boost in major business activity. The Development has been categorized in five districts namely, Commercial Zone, Digital District, Residential District, Entertainment and Government Zone, each district having unique characteristics & dynamics, connected through urban green infrastructure developed by renowned international architects. Other unique features of the development include a History Museum and Jinnah Monument illustrating the rich history of the Walton Airport. Botanical Gardens and Green spaces are part of the project to compliment the green architecture of this Unique yet modern development. This is a project to put Pakistan on the map of Global Business Districts.


Cities have an important role in the economy of a country where citizens, especially the youth aspires developmental progress. Our urban population which constitutes 37% of the total in Pakistan contributes to over 60% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). This contribution may likely increase as Pakistan rides high on the wave of economic growth. Urban groups, in the presence of central business districts (CBDs), office facilities and business hubs, will benefit from vast new opportunities. CBDs, the areas with high economic activity, will provide a suitable ecosystem and infrastructure for the income support of people. The CBD in Lahore will play a vital role in economic growth while attracting people seeking business & job opportunities. PCBDDA through its "Smart City Mission" will identify initiatives which can be taken up for the benefit of residents spread across the CBD. PCBDDA supports ‘smart applications’ or ‘smart solutions’ in routine. We believe that the use of technology needs to be encouraged within CBDs for better systems and a conducive environment for economic growth in Pakistan to attract more capital and benefit local residents.

The CBD not only provides exceptional business openings but offers effective working, living and playing spaces courtesy quality urban design. CBD Punjab will comprise of the following 5 themes.

  • Inclusiveness:

    The CBD will welcome a diverse range of minds and will respect all cultures.
  • Eco-friendly:

    The natural environment will be protected with the provision of green spaces, tree cover, and the inclusion of innovative green initiatives.
  • Sustainable:

    Restoration, affordable access to public resources, empowering community are the key ingredients towards sustainable development.
  • Advancement:

    A CBD is the central point for businesses and communities around and takes a balanced approach to prosperity and progression for total well-being.
  • Connected:

    The CBD is connected to the surrounding neighbourhoods through sustainable modes of transport and an extensive road infrastructure.

What we do

Convert underutilized Government Assets into viable business opportunities

Nurture High-rise Construction ecosystem

Generate business activity resulting in high revenues

Generate employment

Share revenue with Government of Punjab and partners

Replicate the CBD Model across the country

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