CBD - Central Business District

CBD Punjab Dazzles at IPS Dubai, Displaying Cutting-Edge Projects and a Visionary Outlook for the Future


The Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab), proudly displayed its latest and futuristic projects and initiatives at the International Property Show (IPS) in Dubai

The Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab), proudly displayed its latest and futuristic projects and initiatives at the International Property Show (IPS) in Dubai. The event drew diverse attendees from around the world, including real estate developers, investors, and other industry professionals, providing an excellent platform for CBD Punjab to showcase its current and upcoming projects and highlight the numerous investment opportunities available in the country. At IPS Dubai 2023, CBD Punjab presented its latest projects, including ‘SIRIUS’, the tallest skyscraper of Punjab, ‘The Regalia’ branded residences, ‘The Runway’ retail district, and the state-of-the-art medical district, ‘SANO.’ These developments offer top-of-the-line amenities and unparalleled luxury, making them a prime investment opportunity. CBD Punjab's commitment to excellence is evident, setting a new standard for premium living and commercial space in the region. The event's main highlight was the presentation and speech by the COO of CBD Punjab, Brig. (R) Mansoor Janjua, on "Where to Invest Next? Exploring Pakistan." In his speech, he emphasized the tremendous potential of the country and the various sectors in which investors can put their money to get a high return. He also spoke about the various initiatives taken by the government to improve the investment environment, including simplifying the investment process, introducing a one-stop investment center, and providing tax incentives for foreign investors. Brig. (R) Mansoor Janjua added that Pakistan is a land of immense potential and opportunities, and it is an excellent time for investors to consider investing their money in the country. With its favorable location, rich natural resources, and large and growing consumer market, Pakistan offers tremendous potential for investors in various sectors, including real estate, tourism, agriculture, and renewable energy. The event was well received by the attendees, with many showing keen interest in CBD Punjab's projects and initiatives. The commercial team of CBD Punjab was able to secure important interests for the country, and many attendees expressed their desire to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan. The Authority has signed an MOU with Meerub Properties, a Dubai-based real estate investment company. Through this MOU, Meerub Properties will Build and Operate an internationally renowned five-star hotel chain in the Central Business District Punjab. CBD Punjab and Mastercard has signed a strategic MOUC to turn the community into a cashless economic zone and drive digital transformation in the country. The collaboration will see Mastercard deploy its innovative smart city solutions in the Central Business District Punjab, as the Preferred Payments Partner to enable investors, businesses, residents, and authorities to connect simply and seamlessly through digital channels. IPS is a significant event in the real estate industry, attracting a large number of developers, investors, and industry professionals from around the world. This year's event was held under the theme "Innovating for Better Living." It provided a platform for companies to showcase their latest projects, innovations, and technologies related to the real estate sector. In conclusion, CBD Punjab's participation in IPS Dubai was a great success, providing a platform for the Authority to showcase its projects and initiatives and highlight the numerous investment opportunities available in Pakistan. With its strong reputation for transparency, professionalism, and innovation, CBD Punjab is well-positioned to help investors and developers capitalize on the country's tremendous potential.