Central Business District Punjab

Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) also known as Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab) is an authorized body incorporated to establish and promote environment friendly, urban regeneration projects on vertical principles. A pre-financial feasibility has determined around 2700-3000B PKR based on development as economic advancement and shall generate employment in various sectors.

The Development has been categorized in five districts namely, Commercial Zone, Digital District, Residential District, Entertainment and Government Zone. Each district having unique characteristics & dynamics, connected through urban green infrastructure developed by renowned international architects.

Central Business District

PKR 56.47 Billion

raised from open auctions

750 Ft.

approved height for commercial buildings




"Every project of CBD not only reflects our commitment towards the vision of the smart society but an icon of change in this field. Apart from creating business opportunities and jobs in the region, CBD Punjab's projects are focused on bringing foreign investment to the country. The financial impacts of our projects will support the influx of taxes for the Government, whereas, the generation of revenues for business communities is another plus. The financial activities will support our economy in the long run. Similarly, with huge investment in the shape of tenders involved, will witness a major takeoff in a short period. The project will also transform our cities into international standard modern metropolitans.
This vivid growth also provides the push for the creation of more smart cities which will also influence information and communications technology (ICT) to significantly improve the productivity, lifestyle, and prosperity of society. Along with this, job creation on a massive scale can be expected with the involvement of multiple sectors of the economy. Additionally, the favorable bylaws by the Government and green growth strategies can build environmentally sustainable metropolises. I urge my team to put every effort into the success of this project sincerely and hope that it will benefit the brighter future of all the stakeholders. Wish you all the best.

Imran Amin

At the core of our efforts are sustainability, planning that translates to execution of the upmost standards, large-scale economic development, historic preservation and promotion of our activities on international platforms. The PCBDDA team consists of motivated and competent individuals that are driven to achieving the impactful and positive visions that we have for our city.
PCBDDA had a vision that would lead to the transformation and modernization of Lahore, promote sustainable projects and create opportunities for the youth. The vision was not only achieved by the successful auction of commercial plots, but by the trust we built along the way. Having broken commercial land auction records for Punjab was only the tip of the iceberg. Transparency and ease of business are characterized as our work ethic and we will ensure our work practices remain efficient, up-to-date and always helpful so that we can play our part in ensuring that the future is delivered in its best form.

Brig (Retd.) Mansoor Ahmed Janjua

The team