Punjab Central Business District Development Authority celebrated 14th August with high spirits. Team CBD Punjab came together and showed their love for their motherland on Pakistan’s 75th birthday with high zeal. A flag raising ceremony was held at the CBD Punjab House. The entire Team CBD Punjab was draped in white and green and the enthusiasm for the day could be felt in the air. The recitation of the national anthem and the hoisting upwards of the flag of Pakistan left everyone proud with high emotions. The COO of PCBDDA, Brig. (Retd.) Mansoor Ahmed Janjua gave a heartfelt speech about the various sacrifices made for our country and the lessons that we can learn from these sacrifices. This was followed by a speech by the CEO of PCBDDA, Mr. Imran Amin, whose words were stressed on the continuation of great efforts for our country, the true value that Pakistan possesses, and other motivational points that was concluded by a roaring applaud from the entire team. Team CBD Punjab took to digital media by posting a tribute to the country via a popular national song whose each line was sung by a different member of the team. The video showed the diversity yet collectiveness of the team and was an enjoyable experience for all those involved. Also on the digital platform, CBD Punjab paid tribute to the legacy of Pakistan by posting for fourteen days, one key developmental milestone from Pakistan’s rich history. Similarly, a radio campaign was run from 12th to 14th August, in which the voiceover greeted the nation on its 75th Independence Day, also mentioning CBD Punjab as one of the development milestones for Pakistan.