Punjab Central Business District Development Authority, (PCBDDA) also known as CBD Punjab, has proven its significance in the development of Punjab, through its unique business approach and investment potential. Authority has strengthened its commitment to strive for the development and betterment of the province by expediting the development work at the CBD Punjab Walton site. The authority has started the construction of a state-of-the-art parking plaza to combat the problem of traffic congestion and ensure easy mobility in Pakistan’s first business district situated at Gulberg, Main Boulevard, Lahore. PCBDDA has onboarded a team of seasoned professionals to ensure international standards are being implemented in the construction of this architectural masterpiece. CBD Punjab’s technical team is working days and nights for the timely completion of the project, along with National Logistic Cell (NLC) as the official contractor, whereas Dar-ul-Handasa and Asian Con. JV as design consultants. NESPAK is performing the duties of project management and supervision for this project. To ensure the core strength and durability of the parking plaza every minute detail is being covered in the construction of the base structure. Excavation work has been completed with steel fixtures, rafting and waterproofing. Approximately 1800 m3 (cubic meter) of concrete has been poured into the raft of the plaza. To accelerate the process of concrete pouring 33 transit mixers have been deployed on the site with a workforce of 100 skilled laborers. Out of a total of six batching plants, two are installed at the CBD Punjab project site by NLC and the remaining four plants are installed by STRONG and TETRA in the vicinity of Gajjumattah, Lahore. Shuttering, steel fixtures, rafting and construction machinery are thoroughly inspected under the supervision of CBD Punjab site team and NESPAK. CEO PCBDDA, Mr. Imran Amin has said, “The main reason for constructing a parking plaza at the initial stage was to complete the base work of underground portion of the parking plaza to execute smooth paving of CBD Boulevard. Our consultants have ensured that best international practices are to be carried out during the construction process. This is just a glimpse of the engineering wonders and architectural masterpieces that the world will witness. I believe every structure in CBD Punjab will be an epitome of excellence for Punjab”.